Digital Security: Protecting Human Rights Defenders Online

In a world where the population is becoming increasingly connected through the Internet and digital tools, the transfer of information and ideas has become more prevalent than ever. As of April 2017, 3.8 billion people had access to the Internet, according to a Digital in 2017 study, which used numbers from the United Nations and the…

LIVE: Rethinking Economic Policy for Social Justice

On Friday, October 14, economist Radhika Balakrishnan took part in two conversations regarding economic policy and its critical importance to the advancement of human rights. We streamed each talk via Facebook Live, which you can view below. At Emory University At The Carter Center The dominant approach to economic policy has so far failed to adequately…

Clarion Calls for a Progressive Hinduism

And an Exciting Response – Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus

By Chris Fici, Aminta Kilawan, Sethu Nair, Rohan Narine, and Sunita Viswanath, board members of Sadhana

Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus was created four years ago by a group of New York-based Hindus to “to assert a progressive Hindu voice into the public discourse of our times”. As we began searching for guidance in pursuit of our mission, we discovered a number of quotes from like-minded Hindus:

Atlanta Takes on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Industry

By Danielle Taylor and Victoria Barker
The Carter Center’s Mobilizing Action for Women and Girls Initiative

Atlanta is abuzz this month with major events focused on ending sexual exploitation. With Atlanta ranking near the top of the list of cities with the highest incidences of human trafficking, it is encouraging to see local activists leading the charge to address this issue.