Child Marriage, as Violence Against the Girl Child

By Maryam Uwais In this article, the author explores the case of a child bride charged with murder, as the result of her desperate efforts to end her own pain. Concluding that not only the husband and father, but her society failed the girl, this case demonstrated the harm that early marriage and the deprivation of…

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The Carter Center: Waging Peace in the Face of Violent Extremism

By The Carter Center’ s Human Rights Program

On the occasion of the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, and following the Carter Center’s convening of women’s and girls’ human rights defenders from 20 countries for the “Beyond Violence: Women Leading for Peaceful Societies” forum, we advance a call for action now to promote sustainable peace and security, by addressing not only immediate threats but also the underlying drivers of violent extremism and conflict through the advancement of inclusive decision-making processes.

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